Helen's Story

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 "My life has changed completely since I started the program. In one year, I lost nearly 100 pounds learned how to eat in a healthy way and to enjoy exercising. I also became a spokesperson for the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women 2010 campaign. Now I can share what I've learned by being a role-model."

– Helen

HMR® national data from other selected programs published or presented at medical conferences for the diet option that Helen did through our program show a 43-61 pound average weight loss.1,2,3,4 1 J Am Diet Assoc 2009;109:1417-1421, 2 Obes 2006;14 suppl:A101, 3 Obes Res2004;12 suppl:A40, 4 J Am Coll Nutr 2005;24:347-353